About Us

Who we are, What we Do

A house of highly capable team abreast with the latest trends in technology and having a wealth of experience in Design, Development and implementation of Software Applications.We basically are next Generation Technology Provider. We recognize that each requirement is unique and often can be fulfilled using a variety of technologies and software. We therefore, work with you to find the solution that best meets your needs Balancing our ambition with our conscience, our mission is to build solutions that actually help people improve the way they work, not burden them with additional tasks; reduce redundancy and ensure reliability. At Dotman Tech, every solution depends on each person involved. With attention to detail, intuition can always compliment logic and a good solution can in fact be smart.

Field Experience:

Like technology, the team at NetsolonlineĀ has evolved through a year,with team of skilled and experienced developers, gaining experience from developing and customizing systems including Employee Time and Labour, Human Resource, Contact Management, Customer Relationship Management, Fixed Assets Tracking, Inventory Management, Point of Sales and several others, for a broad array of businesses in Pakistan/Overseas.


We strongly believe that innovation can dramatically reduce the cost of a system, at the same time making it more efficient than before. Working under this paradigm, we continually monitor, evaluate and improve upon our methodologies and procedures, as well as keeping up to date with the latest technologies,A standards and best practices. This alone serves as our inspiration and our desire to excel in what we do. Explore The Next Generation Technology !!